Spelt Bread for bread machine

Add ingredients in the bread machine in the same sequence as given below.  Use the measuring spoon and cup provided with the bread machine.

 2 ½ tsp Yeast (Anchor)

350 g Refined Spelt flour


200 g Stone-ground spelt flour

1 ½ tbsp rice milk powder

1 ½ tbsp brown sugar

1 ½ tsp salt

30g  butter

1 Egg

280ml Water

Choice of "select" - whole wheat

Choice  of  "option" - Bake "Rapid" (This option bakes the best looking bread)

Choice  of "option" - Bake (if you want to wake up tomorrow morning with the smell of freshly baked bread - set the "timer").

Choice of "size"  - XL

Choice  of "Crust" - can only be chosen with certain options

Choice  of "timer" - when you want to bake overnight.  Choose the amount of hours that you want remaining until bread is done.

"Start" - press when process needs to start or to activate the "timer".

It's also used to cancel process or timer.  (depress for longer than 1 s)

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