Health Matters October 2011

Health Matters!!!

Health Matters

Without a doubt our health is one of our most unquestionable blessings isn’t it? It has the ability to impact our quality of life in a way that is quite unique.  In short our health matters!!

Optimizing it then is or should be a high priority.....but the reality is that it’s not always easy – there’s a good deal of misinformation out there, profiteers and incompetents abound and products/information can often be complex and confusing.

So it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the first of our regular editions of Health Matters where we will be seeking to:

  • Advise you on current issues
  • Alert you to what’s on offer
  • Separate myth from fiction
  • Entertain you with success stories 
  • Challenge you to care about what you look like on the inside

Are you beach-worthy for summer???

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We held the first of our in-store Health Buzz Sessions last week to a capacity crowd.  The topic was how to get ready for summer and attendees found it “inspiring”; “life-changing” and “informational”.

On arrival our special guests were treated to savory pizzas and apple crumble snacks all made from organic spelt….and our unique forest berry tea, which smells amazing and tastes even better.

Then it was onto the meat of the evening with the challenge to be healthy for summer by balancing the blood sugar; learning how to find the right exercise for your body type and then how to increase the absorption of the nutrients you need for optimal body functioning. 

September Talk-14-2

Why not give a gift of health this year?

Do pop into our (New) store and check out the Health Gifts to Go that we’ve put together to help you find something that’s special, different and better for the next occasion that you’re invited to an needing a great gift.

If that doesn’t suit you, ask about our gift vouchers and give a Gift of Health to someone you care about.

Gift of health

Don't Miss the next health talk!

- Bad blood is really not healthy at all...

Do you know the acid in your body and why you should care about it?  Then be sure to join us for our October Health Buzz on the 20th October 19:00 - 20:30 where our special guest speaker Blake Kent will be joining us in-store. 

Garth Kent

This family was nearly destroyed by Lupus. Wholly recovered from Lupus simply by following the sort of advice he will be talking to you about, Blake’s dad, Garth is compelling evidence that 7.5 works – whether you are sick and need to get well or healthy and want to achieve optimal health.

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Seating is limited and the cost is nil, so don’t miss out.  And why not bring a friend?  There’ll be yummy health food, goodie bags and a lucky draw. Click here to ensure your seat.

You don’t have to be sick to get better?

If you’ve been for a Live Blood Analysis and done the 5 day Cleanse, Nourish & Balance program, you no doubt know what it feels like to be really well.   You also probably know that it’s easy to drift off course.  So we’re offering you a complimentary follow up appointment during October to help you get back in step. Click here to make your booking.

Till next time  

The Eirene Health Team

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