Assimil 8

Assimil-8 is a digestive health formula which contains a combination of rare natural plant enzymes with a proprietary formulation of 77 essential ionic trace minerals and Vitamin A and D.

What is in Sevenpointfive Assimil-8?

77 ionic trace minerals
Amylase - an enzyme that aids the conversion of starch and glycogen to simple sugars such as glucose.
Lipase - an enzyme that breaks down fats.
Cellulase - enzyme that breaks down cellulose.
Invertase - an enzyme that converts sucrose to a mixture of fructose and glucose by catalytic hydrolysis.
Maltase - an enzyme that breaks down maltose into glucose.
Lactase - an enzyme that breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose.
Protease - an enzyme that breaks down proteins.
Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Coral Calcium powder - alkalising and ionising effect improves absorption of other nutrients.
What is unique about Sevenpointfive Assimil-8?
Enzymes need to have co-enzymes to activate. The minerals and vitamins are co-enzymes in this formula. Coral Calcium powder improves absorption by alkalising the bodily fluids.

What has Sevenpointfive Assimil-8 been used for?

Reducing food allergies
Reducing bloating and heart burn
Enhancing the digestive system
Maintaining colon health
Breaking down fats
Breaking up uric acid crystals
Increasing white cell activity and size
Increasing blood flow and energy


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