The largest organ we as humans possess is our skin, and its health is essential in protecting our other vital organs. Squalene has been proven to assist the body in building cell networks and providing necessary moisture to the tissues.

What is in Sevenpointfive Squalene?
Squalene from the liver of deep-sea sharks is the primary ingredient. Squalene's wonderful properties have been reported on and recommended by many cultures. Scandinavian and Asian cultures have been utilising its amazing moisturizing properties for many years. Fisherman from these areas were exposed to cold winds and treacherous conditions which caused their skin to be cracked, chapped and sore. In a desperate plight to relieve the pain, the fisherman applied the oils that had seeped from the liver of their catches - including the sharks - directly to their faces. So it was that these fisherman experienced remarkable results as their skin became supple, smooth and moisturized by the fish and shark oils, now identified as Squalene. Squalene is a natural component in the human body, particularly the skin cells and arteries. It assists the body in building cell networks and providing necessary moisture to the tissue. Studies have also shown that squalene can assist the immune system and is an excellent topical treatment for injuries, rashes, ulcers and abrasions. The body’s squalene content begins to decline after the age of 40.

What is unique about Sevenpointfive Squalene?
Sevenpointfive Squalene uses only the most potent, high quality squalene available. It is packaged in glass bottles coloured blue to minimise any contamination. Due to its high quality, it also does not need to be kept refrigerated. Applying a little to the skin penetrates the cell membranes, preventing oxidation and enhancing the body’s ability to carry oxygen to the individual epidermal cells. An added benefit of squalene is that it has been shown to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, minimising sunburn.

What has Sevenpointfive Squalene been used for?

Moisturise skin
Stop skin infections and acne
Speed up healing and wound recovery
Minimise scars
Ease sunburn
Minimise ageing from free radicals


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