Natural pregnancy in spite of your doctor?

What is a Natural pregnancy?


Being pregnant and giving birth are natural life experiences for which a woman's body is well designed. In most of the world, women labor and give birth with midwives, as they have throughout history. No matter what anyone says: pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and mothering are natural processes.

Wouldn't you agree that they have worked pretty well so far (for the last few thousand years)? Without it, none of us would have been here!

Natural pregnancy is where, after conception, the mother lives a normal life as before. As the pregnancy progresses she has an ever increasing awareness that new life is being formed inside her body. She may experience a slight increase or decrease in appetite, thirst and my urinate more often. The mother starts experiencing movement inside her abdominal area and conversations with the little one may be spontaneous. 

At some point during the process, the mother may visit a midwife to discuss the birthing process. The midwife will listen to the baby’s heartbeat as well as measure the mother’s tummy growth, to confirm that the pregnancy is developing as expected. The midwife may recommend that the mother has one ultrasound scan to confirm that the placenta is implanted in the correct position. It may also be recommended that the mother see her GP or a gynaecologist that could step in should any emergency arise during the pregnancy or during labour. This, as we will learn later, is often where the mother is robbed of a natural pregnancy. 


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