Vaccinations got rid of Polio, Whooping cough, Measles etc, Right?

Watch this and educate yourself on what the CDC and other officials say….

(EVERYTHING they claim about vaccines are wrong - CDC own data)

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Christo gives some insights into how to make a decision that will impact you for.....ever: 

To take the Vaccination or not?

Protect yourself

New concerns about the Covid-19 PCR test

Christo gives factual update on where we are with the “BIG SCARY VIRUS”

All the links mentioned in the video are here

Eirene Health Shop turns 20!

Video of doctors presenting a cure for CV

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Links from the video:

Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted click here (look at the 3rd paragraph)

Pasteur vs Bechamp click here

World numbers on death rates click here

Dr. Peter D’Adamo on Corona click here

Christo explains how to protect yourself agains a virus

Christo gives 3 key pieces of advice on how to help an ADD child 

Christo explains what makes Eirene different from regular health shops

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